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To women, I can see how it's an issue they would feel they need to voice against. Watch xxx sexy movies. There's also that pesky "Western" bias.

Obviously, I can't speak for everyone but I think that this is generally true excepting the obvious trolls of course. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Well, yes and no. Nudes or gtfo. Shit like this gets to the front page at least once a week.

We're okay with this? Crazy idea, what if most women don't expect "simply being a girl" to "get them anywhere", they just expect it not to immediately derail any discussion into accusations of karma-whoring or demands for tits.

Find More Posts by Labarum. Another problem is the assumption that a female individual's ENTIRE personality is based on her reception within the heteronormative male community. He apparently didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly.

One time in particular, I recall seeing a thread on Reddit that was talking about something that I have actual knowledge of. Anything involving politics or a political figure. Young first time lesbian video. There were like 12 replies about how I was a stupid, used up cunt because I mentioned that I was a girl. I ask this not in regard to what you've just said, but in regard to the topic at hand.

So basically, a woman is only damned depending on how she reacts to the situation. Maybe I'm just being charitable, but I don't think he's implying that it's an advantage in everything, or even on balance--just that it is an advantage in a single, highly-specific situation, that situation being getting strangers to feign attention and interest even when you don't have something interesting to say.

I hadn't thought of it before, but maybe that's part of the appeal of Reddit. Tumblr-exclusive comics are the exception, and may be rehosted, however if the artist's name or watermark are removed, the post will be removed. I want to write such a long post about how horrible and shitty an attitude this is, how disgusting that people are being so hateful and so misogynistic, generalizing and sexualising so much, all just so openly, but I should now tell you that I'm actually a black man, aged 45 and armed with only a high school education, that cleans corporate offices after business hours on a daily basis.

Please downvote this if you think I'm adding nothing to the discussion. Instead send us a message with a link to the post. Find More Posts by. Or too bad the top comments are all by Polite Caps Guy asking for favorite ice cream flavors. Want to add to the discussion? This, I find offensive. Naked xxx porn pics. I think you mean exhibitionism, not voyeurism.

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The part of the argument about mentioning being a girl on the internet is not necessarily misogynistic, but the part about real life?

I decided to myself that I'm not going to stop mentioning things that would "out" me as a girl because if people think I'm a stupid slut for saying something like, "oh, my boyfriend did X" or some life experience that reflects my gender in some way, well, they can deal with it I guess. Reddit is getting more misogynistic and childish every day, which is probably because there are more misogynistic children and man-children finding it every day.

Find More Posts by DietCola. Sexy milf blog. Redditors just continually regurgitate and upvote things without ever really thinking about it past a superficial level. Spreadshirt uses your e-mail address solely to send you informational e-mails. But thankfully, it's not always like that. Being female is totally relevant if you're talking about the recent US debates about women's healthcare.

There are people who get off on other people seeing their junk. Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: I'm really glad that most men I know don't see it this way. Rather, they just say that their points are being proven with every defiant word a woman speaks.

The idea has some validity. Nudes or gtfo. It's fucking scary - even when we're not trying to show it, we show who we are. Pepper ann lesbian. This is now their home game.

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It fits better and conveys the real point a bit better imo. Find More Posts by ironchef I agree for the most part. If you're queer, female, or a minority, you're more likely to come across offensive material, partially because most of the other posters don't get the same feeling of revulsion when they read a post you find repulsive.

The guys were surprisingly cool as fuck and treated me like one of them. It would be fair if there were instances of a girls saying "Cock or gtfo" to men posting attention whoring comments as well.

Flickr Youtube Forum Blog. What the actual fuck? I think there can be a major difference between someone getting off posting naked pictures of themselves in a forum dedicated to that purpose gonewild and an idiot foregrounding their gender in an irrelevant and vapid manner on a forum where such is irrelevant the types of posters the 4chan OP was referring to. And you should especially not look behind your shower curtain because I am definitely not hiding there and plotting bloody doom.

If we stopped giving absurd amounts of attention to people once they revealed that they were female, maybe this wouldn't be such an issue in the first place. Lesbian dinah shore. It is a pretty interesting argument, but fails to consider that a girl may put up with a stupid guy she wants to have sex with just as a guy will put up with a stupid girl he wants to have sex with.

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I ask this honestly, without snark, do you have to point out your blackness in conversation over the internet to validate your opinion on something? I do think that there is often an advantage given to women although certainly not equally between all women obviously somethings don't care too much about people their grandmother's age or what have you and that much is at least correct.

Do not rehost or hotlink webcomics. Huge hanging tits pictures. Reposts will be removed at the moderators' discretion. Clearly, there exist men who attention whore as well, yet I've yet to hear anyone say "Cock or gtfo".

And, b sexual acts are somehow 'degrading' for women, while they are totally ok for men. Now of course here on Reddit we have subreddits dedicated to that, but that's a bit of a different world. Nudes or gtfo. Learn it, love it, use it, and don't waste time on people who fucking suck. Featured Subreddit of the Month: My sociology professor LOVED to talk about language constructs and how racism was built into our language in a very serious way.

Find More Posts by. Lesbian pain videos I would say that reddit is lacking in both relevant content and context. It took me a while to find this comment, it is really frustrating to see that everyone thinks girls have advantages just because they're girls.

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Druuna nude pics It was perhaps the first time in human history when a person could be judged strictly by their ideas. Does it do so in the "real world," or on blogs or in chat rooms or in businesses? It seems like the assumption here is that women think being women makes their opinions more valid, and a lot of us girls just want to feel less like outliers and be honest about our experiences.
LIVE WEB CAM TITS Honestly, the best thing a woman can do in this situation if they were to reveal themselves is to reluctantly agree.
Dulce maria nude pics Why is being a woman such a fucking awful thing?
Lesbian juice porn Image Macros that aren't memes are allowed But even substituting the default gender to the non-gendered word "people", the rest of his arguments remain a bit misogynistic, because the voice of the internet is mostly built by men.

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