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Later on, Renee, Lana and Rusev show up at the home that they will be staying in. Wife pussy cum. Ryder laughs and says that Miz has a way better life then he does. Trinity and Renee get fed up with Lana's behavior and an epic fight ensues; Maryse accidentally sends a nude selfie to a bunch of WWE Superstars; Brie debates if she wants to have a kid.

They end up giving the school supplies and playing with and spending time with the children at the centre. Diva maryse nude. Miz uses Neville to do an impromptu eye test on his wife. She admits to being stressed out. Maryse tries to walk by quickly, and Dolph jokes about being glad to see so much of Maryse. Off screen, Eva is laughing. Lana tells Rusev that she and Renee are no longer friends.

Eva Marie bumps in Natalya in the makeup area backstage. Lana wakes up and tells Renee and Naomi to stop making noise because she is trying to sleep and her heart is racing because she keeps waking up. Sexy girl under. Miz gives Maryse a card. The Miz gives Maryse a card and has her read it.

Back to Raw, Lana makes her way to the ring for her wedding celebration. Back in Anguilla, Renee is trying to make the best of her situation with Rusev and Lana. At Smackdown Live in Virginia. Brie feels foolish when she finds this out because she has been doing this for awhile, during her attempt to become pregnant.

She tells Eva that she once had a storyline where she was passing gas backstage. Eva off screen, voices her displeasure with the angle. Nikki tells Brie that she would have to eat all the plates of salad to equal the amount of iron on just Nikki's plate. Renee sneaks into their bedroom and tries to take a photo of them but gets caught by Lana. She says that this could have been done years ago, instead of her being sent to NXT Brie says that she is not going to abandon her principles, and belief system towards animals, just to have a child.

Renee is disappointed that Rusev is along for the trip. New girl with huge natural tits tries porno out. Brie facetimes Rosa and they talk about the pluses and minuses to making the lifestyle change.

In a Smackdown Live episode from last August. Eva's voice guy intros her. Brie teases Nikki about her emotional imbalance and then jokes about how she doesn't know everything about her own va.

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It's a procedure where you freeze your body to help with soreness and pain.

Jerry Lawler is in the room, Carrano and Paige say hello to Jerry and politely ask him to leave. Girl fucked in boots. Maryse calls Mike's trick mean and says that he purposely wrote it in small letters. Naomi and Renee hang up on Lana. Natalya tells a story to Kayleen about how she has always been a big fan just like her.

Paige starts crying when she says this. She is excited to finally be back on TV At Smackdown Live in Virginia. Lana suggests that Renee leave the house. When the Bellas arrive, Brie is informed that cryotherapy is not good for women who plan on conceiving. Diva maryse nude. No commitment, cancel anytime! Lana tells Renee that she is needy for attention.

He has Neville put up 5 fingers. Maryse off screen, states how embarrassed she is The story by Nattie makes Eva see things in a different light.

Lana warns Renee that Rusev likes to walk around naked. Naked eye planets. Off screen, Eva Marie talks about her current character and storyline. Lana tells Rusev that she and Renee are no longer friends.

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Nattie asks Eva how she feels about her current storyline. Renee and Trinity are going out for some drinks in Anguilla. She admits to being stressed out. Paige is shown again in the parking lot, crying out that the situation is not fair, and that it's not her fault. She is on the phone with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Lawler wishes her luck before leaving the room Eva Marie's entrance is shown, leading into her match with Naomi.

Lana suggests that her husband comes along with her. Sexi perfect girls. Eva Marie doesn't seem too enthusiastic about it. Brie teases Nikki about her emotional imbalance and then jokes about how she doesn't know everything about her own va. When she can't, Miz reveals what he wrote on the card.

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Miz teases Maryse for wearing giant black shades, as if she is hiding in shame. Maryse and Miz are now shown arriving to the arena.

The doctor suggests that Brie implement more iron into her diet. Moshe kasher naked. Diva maryse nude. Carmella calls out Eva for her being fake and a Kim Kardashian wannabe. When they are deciding where they want to sleep. Listen to the latest episode of the Wrestling INC. Seth rogen naked pics Paige runs into Mark Carrano and they head to an office for an impromptu meeting. The Miz says that he had the same procedure done 13 years ago. Back in Anguilla, Renee is trying to make the best of her situation with Rusev and Lana.

She admits that she has been jealous because she is not on Smackdown with her friends having fun. She tells her that she isn't here on Lana's time or dime.

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