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At this moment, were were as one body with two pounding hearts, pressed together, though never close enough. As much as I seemed to understand about Palpatine, his lack of attachment to his apprentices was within character. Sexy lesbian double dildo. She grabbed another syringe and stabbed it into Rey's arm before emptying its contents.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Captain phasma naked. As she has a mission to accomplish, and those things are in the way, she finds a way to rise to the occasion, adapting to the situation as she best sees fit. It was only for a second that Rey's mind turned blank, then her eyes focused back on the scene at hand.

Rey agrees as long as he abides by her requests. I'm nothing but a disgusting, filthy whore! I looked down at my lap, uncomfortable suddenly with her praise.

Give it to me! Still, I spoke with utter sureness. Phasma plays her hand and shows arch rival Captain Cardinal her face just before she near-fatally stabs him. Rey screamed as yet another orgasm ran through her.

Her moans soon turned into yells and she screamed in ecstasy. I'm going to cum too! The skin contact sent steaks of fire straight to my loins, but still I spoke, needing her to understand. Naked images of pussy. The force comprises balance, constantly swinging back and forth like a pendulum in the desert of Tatooine. Report back to me in detail once you have tested this. Rey tried to close her legs to at least keep some dignity but the ankle straps and Phasma's powerful hands kept them apart.

I felt that my skin still vibrated from the powerful climax we shared. It was only a minute or so later that he did. You're driving me out of my mind with your very nearness, Phasma, and with your misplaced sense of nobility. Kylo is heavily pregnant with Hux's child, although the two are not bonded; Kylo is captured by the resistance and is met with the rebel fighter, Finn.

I followed her lead and mirrored the gesture; we clasped each others' arms wrist to elbow in a strong grip, just as I'd seen the soldiers do among their peers. Her eyes were weary, glazed over, with tears streaking out. Phasma pumped her huge cock in her hands. Boba Fett makes an appearance, which was a huge surprise, but it was profoundly strange. Take all of my cum, you dirty whore! Besides you'll have nowhere to go now that the resistance is going to be eradicated.

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When I emerged, my disappointment had brightened into excitement. Latina tits tgp. I did like it better than Rogue One. Please consider turning it on! Phasma watched with great pleasure as Rey's belly grew like a bubble from the sheer volume of seed that had been pumped in, and was stilling being unloaded.

Phasma strutted past the uniformed soldiers of the first order star destroyer. Captain phasma naked. These stories bridge the journey between the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to bring us new adventures of our favorites. Your review has been posted. Her tongue darted all over the sack and coated the thing in her drool, the she went back to kissing them.

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Cardinal is rescued by Resistance Spy Vi, who escapes from the Absolution Star Destroyer before slipping in and out of consciousness. I felt a light, gentle hand on my arm and I turned to look at her, my nervousness dispelled by the heated look in her eyes and reassured by the warmth in her touch.

As I was bent double, hands resting on bent knees while I caught my breath, I could see her constantly moving in the edges of my sight, unable to stand still. And the first person to tell me his name is actually kylo not Kybo, gets thrown in the Rancor pit. Finally after many attempts, Rey gave up and let her body go limp against the machine, waiting impatiently for her captor to arrive.

I knew it was futile, though. Britten kelley nude. As he walked in she could see that there was two more people following him in. When I thought I would burst, I flooded her with my pent up energy. Fear Leads to Anger The Futanari looked down at what she had caused, the blissful looking girl and the huge stomach that was full of her seed. I love when letterers can make my eyes open wide. Dig deeper inside my womb! Just someone I killed today. I shoved aside my foolish sentimentality as my mind tried to draw me into and get lost in thoughts of things that would simply never be; I could let nothing interfere with my goals.

One year after her ascension to the First Order, Phasma traveled back to Parnassos one last time to search for the downed ship. I knew that this next period would be very difficult for me. Wife pussy cum. Gilded Cages and False Freedoms I really appreciated the work there. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Phasma watched with great delight as Rey struggled underneath her, her eyes popping out and her throat spazming as she tried to swallow everything that was clogging up her eating tube.

Her velvet eyes flickered down and rested on my lips with something akin to regret in them.

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With my back on the floor I tried to regain the wind that was knocked out of me. Any other woman would be beyond the point of reasoning by now. She only let saliva pour out in long strings down her chin. Wife nude in public pics. Captain Phasma also comes in, but she keeps her full suit of armor onsurrounded by the nude men of the First Order.

So here is my new story sorry it took me forever to get out a new one, but i hope you enjoy it anyways. Captain phasma naked. College girls nude xxx But it didn't last for long as Phasma once more thrusted all the way in and cut off Rey's air supplies.

I had only a taste of Kylo Ren's guidance and I wanted more. Disney and Lucasfilm are struggling with … Star Wars Rebels. She found my dismayed reaction amusing. Leia is, shockingly, killed within the first few minutes of the film, assassinated by a First Order sniper acting on instructions from Kylo Ren. I know, so do I.

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